Welcome to New Zealand’s largest city!

Auckland is often mistaken as the capitol of NZ and it is easy to see why, around 32% of Kiwis live here, it keeps expanding and has so much to offer!

Auckland is a great city. It presents you with the nightlife and day entertainment that you’d expect from a big city, but, also sports an awesome beach, harbour and if you drive 15 minutes in any direction you’ll be hitting the greenbelt.

Auckland airport is a 50 minute bus ride to the city centre and once you get there its rife with accommodation. Backpacker hostels will cost you between $20 and $30 NZD a night and we’d definitely recommend staying in Auckland for a couple.

Sky Tower

♦ Sky Tower. This a must do whilst in Auckland. The sky tower is 328m tall and is the highest building in the southern hemisphere.

Admission will cost $29 and for that you’ll be zipped up to the first viewing platform where you’ll find amazing views awaiting you. You must check out that glass floors, your heart will beat a little faster when your standing on 3 inches of glass looking 220m down to Auckland pavement.

♦ Auckland Harbour. Auckland is otherwise known as the ‘city of sails’. You can take a walk around then harbour and see some of New Zealand’s well renowned racing yachts and catamarans.

♦ Auckland Museum. Auckland museum it is an impressive location in its own right, one of the most attractive buildings of its type to see anywhere and dominates the city from a number of angles. Don’t miss it purely for its location and the surrounding domain park

Auckland Zoo

The museum has a great wealth of exhibitions that are suitable for all ages. It does an excellent job of taking you through New Zealand’s pre and post colonisation. Unfortunately, it is a $25 entry fee for tourists.

Auckland Zoo. Want to see a real life Kiwi? Well Auckland Zoo is the place to see one. With over 150 different animal species to see in their different habitats the Zoo makes for a perfect day out.

♦ Mission Bay beach. This Auckland best beach. From the harbour walk south and after about 3kms you’ll hit the lovely mission bay beach. Take your towel and sun block with you and soak up some sun. If you want a BBQ on this beach you’ll find plenty of free BBQ’s there for your use, all you need to do is bring meat. We both love the free BBQ areas!

Mission Bay

Whilst in Auckland be sure to take a day trip by ferry to the stunning Waiheke Island or to one of the most popular day-trip destinations for Aucklander’s, the beautiful Piha.



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