This gorgeous little surfers paradise is 39km west of Auckland’s City Centre. Piha is home to only 600 people and for this reason has retained its beauty and feeling of isolation.

Summit of Lion Rock

There is a single access road to this stunning location and on your drive down you will see the the magnificent Lion Rock, as pictured above. The rock is a iconic feature of for Auckland’s West Coast and it is easy to see why, from behind it sits like a male Lion perched on the edge of the beach. With only a short walk to the summit, its a picture perfect spot so remember to bring your camera!

You may recognise this hidden gem from the TV series Piha Rescue. The water current here is extremely unpredictable and can change unexpectedly which is why the rescue team here take their job extremely seriously. If you are keen for a surf, body board or surf do not let the deceptively calm water fool you.

Kitekite Falls

Lifeguards advise swimming between the red and yellow flags during their patrol hours and only if you are a confident swimmer.

Piha has so much to offer those like us, who didn’t fancy a swim in the crazy sea. We took a stroll roughly about 2km inland on the Glen Esk stream and stumbled across the incredible Kitekite Falls.

When walking along the stream towards the falls the last thing we were expecting was to see this awe-inspiring spot. Looking around we were not the only ones with this opinion, everyone surrounding us was gaping at its natural beauty.

This waterfall is our favourite in New Zealand as it is not only perfect for a chilly swim but it is also great for a short hike.

With pools all the way up it  is the perfect spot to kick back and chill. And the views are just incredible. So if you want that Peter Andre, ‘Mysterious Girl’ waterfall picture… make your way to Piha!

Views at the top of Kitekite Fall






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