Waitomo District

The Waitomo District is an extremely popular destination for visitors to float through its underground rivers in order to see the famous glowworms. Its a great place to stop for for a night or so – Here our some of our recommendations for your stay.

See the Glowworms. As you travel through the Glowworm Grotto you’ll be in awe of the galaxy of tiny bright lights – It is simply beautiful, quiet and calm as you make your way through the caves. You can walk, abseil, boat or float your way through the caverns to see these beautiful creatures.

If you are a keen abseiler consider the five hour rafting tour, otherwise your all good to go on the three hour tour. There are many companies offering tours but we found this website was the easiest to book with.12525129_10156552514820118_8153456572793915028_o

Black Water Rafting. This is a great way to make your way through the caves and see the glowworms. Note that this is different to white water rafting, with black water rafting you will be tubing, leaping and climbing through the caves. Most packages are around 3hrs long and the company will supply wetsuits plus footwear.

On a budget? If you want to see the glowworms but need to save a few penny’s then you can take a guided tour which, will take you on a walk through some of the smaller glowworm caves. This type of tour will take around an hour.

Museum of caves. Want to learn about the history behind Waitomo caving and its glowworms? Then look no further. Here you will learn everything you need to know. If you are booking onto a tour, check as you may be able to get free entry into the museum.

♦ Ruakuri Cave. According to Maori Legends this cave was discovered 400-500 years ago. The tour is approximately 2hrs long and will take you on a journey to see incredible limestone formations and crystal tapestries.

♦ Aranui Cave. The smallest of Waitomos three main caves – Aranui has a lot to offer with a unique and incredible display of stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and decorative formations.

Accomodation. In hostels you are looking at around $30-$35 NZD for a dorm and around $80 NZD for a double.

Transport. For the main tours you can expect that the companies will arrange collection of you from your accomodation.



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