Picton is situated in the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand which is an absolutely stunning location. We’ve made the stop here on numerous occasions when travelling from North to South or vice versa.

Although it’s a little town, it’s a great place to unwind for the afternoon or evening after a long day of travelling. In fact, Picton is home to our favourite hostel in New Zealand, the Jugglers Rest.  With only 16 beds (no bunks) its Picton’s smallest hostel and a travellers paradise. With bean bags and hammocks you will find yourself truly relaxed and if you are lucky you may catch a fire or juggling show in the evening! It’s easy to see why it has been named one of the most awesome hostels in the world.

If you are stopping by for the day and are unsure of what you do, we would recommend checking out the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. And there’s no better way to explore than by Sea Kayaking!

img_2244You can rent a kayak independently but Sophie would suggest going for a guided tour after taking the paddle with two close friends.

‘I remember this day so clearly! It was late on the 17th January 2016 when the girls (Livia and Justine) arrived at Jugglers Rest. The timing could not of been more perfect, as Josh had left earlier that day to go back to work in Christchurch.

Marlborough Sounds (Sophie, Livia and Justine)

We were up at the crack of dawn on the 18th, it was the first day on our journey around the South Island so we were excitedly catching up and ready to take on the Sounds. We had two Kayaks between us, Livia and Justine shared one and I went with our tour guide…  A 70 year old sea dog and he was amazing! I mean he put us 20 something year old ladies to shame.

We went for a morning, half day sea kayaking trip. We travelled around 15km within three hours as well as stopping off at beautifully untouched beaches for refreshments and a lovely homemade lunch. Our tour guide was very informative and happy to answer questions which really enriched our trip. It was definitely one to remember and one I would recommend to any traveller passing through.’ –  Sophie








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