Swimming With Dolphins in Akaroa

Akaroa a cute little town on the Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South island, 75km from Christchurch.

Its a beautiful French like town and its well known for being home to the worlds rarest and smallest dolphins – Hector dolphins.

Rather than tell you anymore bout this beautiful place we’d rather show you. Check out our first ever GoPro video of our Valentine’s Day 2016 – We took a day trip from Christchurch to this magical little town.

♦ About the company. We swam with dolphins using a company called Black Cat Cruises and we must say that they were great. The knowledge and passion that the staff have for the dolphins and their protection is truly inspiring. Its not just another day at work for these guys, they want you to love every minute as much as they do.

To swim with the dolphins can be a little pricey coming in at $160NZD per adult and $130NZD for children up to 15 years of age. You will get your moneys worth with these and an experience of a lifetime.

A cheaper option. If the Black Cat Cruise is a little out of your price range you’ll be happy to know that the dolphins LOVE a sea kayak! You can hire one from Akaroa Adventure Centre – For half a day it will cost you $45. Ask around for the best spots to find the dolphins and no doubt, you’ll have a great time.


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