Eating Healthy On A Travellers Budget

We strongly believe that maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is done in the kitchen, well… 80% of it at least. If your cooking for yourself whilst travelling this is how we recommend doing it.

Meat.  The most expensive ingredient in your meals will be meat. As we are limited on what we can afford, sometime’s we may go without. However the majority of the time we replace that expensive chicken breast with some organs. Yep, organs! You can find these in some supermarkets and all butcher stores.

IMG_1830.JPGWe’re going for the Heart, Liver, Kidneys or Offal of a Pig, Lamb, Ox or Chicken. These are cheap and taste fantastic (in Josh’s opinion!). A significant amount of research has been conducted on offal and it’s conclusive. In a single sentence – Offal is natures nutrient powerhouse and can provide more nutrients, gram for gram than any other meat. In terms of price, it’s approximately a third the price of your common dinner table meats.

Carbs. The most substantial item on your plate will be carbs. For breakfast, we recommend Oats as they are cheap, can be cooked with water and are packed with protein. They keep you full and we love the creamy taste.

In regards to your lunch/dinner, there are a few easy choices that will make a huge difference. Firstly, go for brown rice – This is the cheapest, healthiest carb you can get your hands on. It’s a body builders staple and it’s ours as well.

The second option for your carbs is sweet potato, or as we like to call them – Little nutrient bombs. If you have the option, go for the darker coloured ones as they’ve got even more nutrients are anti carcinogenic… Bonus!

Fruit and vegetables. These will need to be in your diet. Carrots, cabbage, oranges and apples are all extremely cheap. Have an apple and orange a day, they’re good when you fancy a sweet snack. Pile the carrots and cabbage on to your main meal and there you have it, you’ve got four recommended portions of your five-a-day.

♦ Protein. The final food that needs to be in your diet would be the egg, the superman of super foods.  They have huge amount of protein and they’ll be providing the fat you need in your diet, and it’s good fat at that.

How to cook? We fry and boil everything in our X-Pot (a collapsible cooking pot) which takes around 45 minutes all up. The majority of time is spent boiling the rice.

To summaries the above, here’s the foundation of your shopping list: Offal, Brown rice, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Carrot, Orange, Apple, Oats and Eggs. Add in what you wish but if you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest and most nutritionally sound food that list ticks all those boxes. We like to make ours more interesting by adding garlic salt and soy sauce.


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