Thermal Spa and Mud Pools

This is Nadi’s highlight! The mud and spa pools are fantastic!

You’ll arrive and be greeted with an extremely chilled out environment. Just what you need after visiting the food market in Nadi.

The mud pools purpose is to relax, clean and cleanse your body. In order to do this there is a systematic way in which one tackles the mud and spa pools.

Firstly, you apply the mud. Slap big handfuls of the gloopy smooth mud to all four corners of your body. Ensure your covered head to toe in the stuff!16145466_10158156058695118_10728262_o

Second, Let the mud dry. This will take around 10 minutes. You can speed up the process but blowing on yourself or swinging your arms around, alternatively, take the hit, wait an extra minute and stand there like a normal person. You’ll know its dry because your body will feel crispy.

Thirdly, enter pool number 1 ‘The Mud Pool’. This looks like a dirty little pond, but don’t be tricked, once you enter you’ll sink knee deep into the soft gloopy stuff below. The mud is lovely and warm and it’s safe to say that this was the crowd favourite of the four pools. It’s here where you clean all of the mud from your body and it feels great. Imagine a mud mask for your entire body! There’ll be some mud left in between your toes but as long as there’s no clumps then there’s no worries.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.50.23 am.png

The fourth, fifth and sixth pools and all pretty much the same however they become progressively hotter as you move through them. The first of the three looks again like a pond – This one is slightly cleaner than the mud pool. The next two pools look like a swimming pools but they are hot. We could only manage a few minutes in the final pool as we found ourselves sweating while standing in it.

Upon getting out you feel amazing. All worries, stress and energy is sapped from your body and your limbs go limp at your wayside. It feels fantastic, but, if your driving you’ll need to give yourself a few slaps round the face in order to rewaken.16107658_10158156061565118_1061694743_o

After you’ve been in the pools we’d strongly recommend the $8 FJD meals of either chicken curry and rice or the traditional Fijian option. We had both and they were excellent value for money – Far better than what the McDonalds down the road has to offer!

We left the spa and mud pools feeling and looking amazing. All of our dead skin from the past few days sun burn was gone and we were left glowing.

The Mud pools are must do. Half a day and $70 FJD is all that’s need for this self pamper excursion.


2 thoughts on “Thermal Spa and Mud Pools

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