The Garden of Sleeping Giants

The garden of sleeping giants is found 30 minutes north of Nadi and sits below the Fijian famous mountains that look like two sleeping giants.16121675_10158156126710118_100469040_o.jpg

The gardens are lovely and there are many walking trails that can be found here. One main boardwalk indicates the primary route with many smaller gravel tracks coming off of it. Some of these tracks take you on a small detour while others lead way up into the mountains.

The gardens themselves are what you’d expect to see in your local botanical gardens with the addition of some banana and pawpaw trees. If you like your orchids this’ll be on you list of things to do in Nadi.

There are a few sculptures dotted about the place around the gardens, some swings and of course as it’s Fiji – A hammock. We quite enjoyed checking out the lily pond while we were here. We only noticed the abundant amount of frogs sitting on the lily’s with our second time passing it.16122234_10158156126975118_279734213_o

The complementary drink at the end of our stroll was delicious. An hour was enough for us here but if you enjoy a relaxed walk through some beautiful gardens or if you just want to get out of the hustle and bustle of Nadi then it’s a good place to spend your morning or afternoon. You cant go wrong with a chilled out visit to the gardens of sleeping giants.


2 thoughts on “The Garden of Sleeping Giants

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