Fitness On The Move

You’re in the swing of keeping fit and eating heathy but you feel that your big adventure will set you back five steps on your path to a healthy lifestyle. We understand. We’ve been there and done that!

Here we’ve pooled our fitness and health backgrounds and have some simple, easy and flexible tips as to how you can keep healthy and fit whilst travelling. If you are looking for something a bit more intense or info on how to scale down or up a movement, check out our Fitness On The Move – Push It Up A Gear blog post.img_2197

Schedule workout times. When we started travelling, we were in holiday mode and soon enough we started to feel bloated and down. Thats when we realised that we could not keep up that kind of lifestyle – its not good for your body or mind.

Whether this be 30 mins a day or 3 hrs over the week, make sure you book in your time to exercise. Get ahead of the game and make time – wake up 15 mins early everyday and do some simple exercises.

A workout can be done anywhere at anytime. A great place to start is getting outdoors, go for a walk, hike or a bike ride. Exploring your surrounding area is a great way to combine a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mind and body.

Interval Runs. These can be done anywhere and are a great way to burn fat quick – So why not give it a go?  After a warm-up, run hard and fast for 2 minutes followed by 2/3 minutes of jogging to catch your breath. Continue doing this for 20 minutes and afterwards you’ll feel great.

Finding it too hard or too easy? You can scale this down if its too hard to begin with – Try 30 seconds run/ 1 minute walk. If you are finding this too easy try running for longer and resting for less.

Simple exercises. In order to maintain fitness, we carry out the following simple exercises daily:

  • Pull-ups: An excellent functional movement that will work your entire back. They’ll also use your core for stabilisation and incorporate your shoulders and biceps. Strict pull-ups are the required standard here. You’ll need to find something you can hold onto that’s overhead, heres a few of our favourites:
    • A pull up bar or swing set
    • A sturdy tree branch
    • A building or bus stop overhang

Pull Ups.JPG

  • Press-ups: The push-up will work predominately your chest and core. Second to this will be your shoulders, back and triceps. As with the Pull-up, the Push-up is to be conducted with good form in mind. Ensure your core (Abs) is kept tight and your back straight.


  • Burpees: If there is one exercise we urge you to do it’d be the Burpee. They are infamous, and for a good reason. You’ll be working your entire body and getting a fantastic cardio workout as well.


With these exercises being a part of your daily or weekly routine you will be targeting all of your main muscle group.


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