How We Did Fiji On A Budget

We visited Fiji and like many others wanted to go to the beautiful islands. We managed to experience much of what was on offer, including the islands on a budget of $150 FJD per day for two people.16129922_10158156059095118_1302470186_o

We landed in Nadi and where we were shook by its busy centre and marketplace. When in Nadi we enjoyed going on a couple of trips, one to the Garden of Sleeping Giants and another to the Thermal Spa and Mud pools, both of which were enjoyable afternoons out.

After a short one night stay in Smugglers Cove, a popular budget location for travellers located 10kms from Nadi airport, we transferred to our accommodation in the Yasawa Islands.

Getting to the Yasawas isn’t cheep or easy. We got a $35 FJD taxi from Smugglers Cove to Lautoka port where you board the Seabus, a $100 FJD per person per way ferry to the islands. For more information – Click here.

16107825_10158156651620118_1253531266_oIsa Lei Glamping resort was amazing. It’s an authentic Fijian island experience that beats all the surrounding competition. Its an all inclusive fully serviced resort for $110 per night, this is unheard of in the Yasawa islands and it’s unbeatable. Moreover, the money goes back into the community as it’s locally owned and operated.

Activities were plentiful and varied on the island and included a coconut demonstration, a Fijian cooking lesson, a basket weaving lesson, spear fishing and shark diving (our favourite). We were also luckily enough to visit the local village which was an amazing experience. In addition to this we dove in the Sawailau Caves , our only paid excursion at $80 FJD per person.screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-11-12-01-pm

After a wonderful 8 nights on Matacawalevu island it was time to head back to Nadi for one last night. We caught the bus from Lautoka to Nadi for only $2.85 FJD per person (public transport is pretty good in Fiji). We decided to stay the night at the Tropic of Capricorn resort. It was a lovely modern place to say with two pools, a beach and a Kava Ceremony in the evening along with Fijian live music. At $75 FJD per night for a private, fan room and free wifi we recommend it.

fullsizerenderAnd then very abruptly our 10 nights in Fiji had come to an end, it had flown by. We caught a $13 FJD cab to the airport where we were very sad to leave but ready for our road trip of Australia.

Overall, Fiji was an outstanding place to visit and if you follow our steps it can be done with no corners cut on a very reasonable budget.

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