Phillip Island

We left Melbourne with a big smile on our faces in search of Phillip Island – Home of Australia’s single largest animal attraction the Penguin Parade!

Phillip Island is small, it’s around 20kms long, 10kms wide and sits 1 hr and 45 minutes South East of Melbourne. The Island is home to a lot of wildlife including Koalas, Wallabies, the largest Seal colony in Australia and of course the Little Penguin.

Here are a few of our favourite things which Phillip Island has to offer

Koala Conservation Centre. First up was the Koala Conservation Centre where they have 5 Koalas that live freely up in the trees. Sadly they are believed to be to only ones left on the island due to the impacts of an increasing population. Here the Koalas are well fed and cared for. A small boardwalk takes your around the grounds where the Koalas can be found sleeping in the trees above.


Nobbies (Seal Rock). After our brief encounter with a couple of fury fellas we drove a kilometre up the road to the very tip of Phillip Island home to Australia’s largest Seal colony. Beside the Nobbies (2 rocks poking out of the sea) is the aptly named Seal Rock – And you can see why. There were heaps of the little fat guys and girls laying, basking in the sun. There was second walk way around the edges of the cliffs here where we found hundreds of small Penguin homes and upon peering into them from a distance we saw a few Little Penguins standing guard.

The Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade centre has free entry between the hours of 09:00AM to 04:00PM. It is a fun little place to spend an hour or so. There is a free 10 minute documentary about the Little Penguin as well as lots of interesting facts. There are also Penguin peep holes (our favourite part) where you can see several Penguins and some chicks resting in their shelters, waiting for the fishermen to come home with dinner!

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After 04:00PM an entry fee of $25.10 AUD per adult applies. This is  that’s how much it’ll cost to see the Penguin Parade itself – Around 1000 little Penguins arriving on the beach after a long days fishing, waddling back to their homes.

If you would like to read about our incredible experience at the Penguin Parade then please – Click Here.



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