Picking The Right Backpack

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Your pack choice is a big decision! Please don’t be fooled by flash designs and designer names.

‘When I was in the Army I could be in the field for up to four weeks at a time trekking everyday and the key thing it has taught me that comfort is king when it come to your pack. I’ve got a 60L pack that I borrowed from my father in-law. The pack is 20 years old and it’s a great piece of equipment, but why?’ – Josh


♦ Size.  We have ‘Carry On’ bags that can be used for multi-day hikes. It’s capacity of 60 litres is ample space for a multi-day hike. We can carry all the equipment, food and water we need. The wonderfully handy aspect about their size is that they are classified as hand luggage or carry on. Your typical capacity allowance on a flight is 60 litres making our packs fit perfectly. Something as simple as this will, over time, save you hundreds, particularly with internal flights where checked baggage is charged for. It’ll also save you time on the other end of your flight. You’ll be waving goodbye to your fellow passengers as you wiz past the baggage carrousel and onto your adventures!

♦ External pockets. This is an essential. You only want to go into it twice a day, when you wake up and when you got to bed. Everything other than clothing, footwear and sleeping gear should be on the outside of your pack. If you can get one that’s covered in pockets, then do so. A small external pocket for your toiletries will save you from the frustration of digging to the bottom of your pack every time you need to do your teeth.

♦ Frame and straps. A pack with a frame makes it stable on your back, with this stability comes comfort. Moreover, it must have thick, wide shoulder straps. Thin straps will quickly fold and crease in on themselves and begin to cut off circulation to your arm. Josh has had plenty of experience with this issue and as a results had pins and needles. Insignificant on one occasion, however, if it constantly happens then long term damage is a very real possibility.

♦ Sturdy and rugged. A lightweight pack is not the way to go. You don’t want to have to be precious with your pack nor do you want it to tear and break all the while. We love our packs because of their thick canvas external material and a laminated plastic like lining on the inside. The zips are weighty and all of the straps are thick. We trust them to hold out!

We’ve covered off the pack now onto your Packing For Your Adventure. This is by far the most difficult one. We need to pack for rain, sun, hikes, beaches and everything in-between.


One thought on “Picking The Right Backpack

  1. Dick van leeuwen

    glad you like the bag Josua. Bought it from an army surplus store a long time ago. It had good use before you got hold of it. enjoy xx


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