Sydney is the largest city in Australia with a population just shy of 5 million people! There’s a lot to see and do but with a few days and a sense of adventure it’s very manageable.

Here are a few things that we loved about Sydney

♦ Sydney’s Historic Buildings. Within a block of Town Hall train station you’ll find 3 of Sydney’s most impressive buildings: Sydney Town Hall, St Andrews Cathedral and The Queen Victoria Building, all of which you’ll definitely what a photo of.

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♦ Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour. Here you’ll find some great little harbour side cafés and bars. As you head further north you’ll be able to go into the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Sydney Aquarium and the Wild Life Sydney Zoo.

♦ Sydney Observatory. The Sydney Observatory sits on a small piece of high ground which overlooks the city. Its here where we got our first glimpse at the harbour bridge and the Opera house. Although we were unable go to it’s renowned for stargazing – You can head over during the evening and look through the giant telescope in search of stars.

Sydney Observatory

♦ The Rocks. The area within the city called The Rocks was once the centre of town back when Sydney was first colonised. We took a short trip down memory lane here walking along the cobble stone streets and into The Rocks Museum – A small and interesting place that displays the history of the local area.

Royal Botanical Gardens

♦ Government House. Amongst the Royal Botanical Gardens (a wonderful location in itself) you’ll see a lovely large castle like building – This is Government House. The initial look of the building drew us in closer where we found a free 45 minute tour. The tour was amazing! It took us through time and through many important rooms within the house. With its 35 seater dining table, walls covered in paintings and huge chandeliers, the building and its history fascinated us.

Government House

♦ Sydney Harbour Bridge. What’s the best way to see the harbour bridge you ask? Walk it! The Sydney harbour bridge walkway is a 2km return, it’ll take you on and across the bridge where you’ll find some amazing views of the Opera House and the City.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

♦ Sydney Opera House. The grand Finale, the crème de la crème, The Sydney Opera House. Standing at the foot of this icon was amazing, walking up the steps to it’s front door is even better. We spent an hour or so walking around the building taking the obligatory selfie and a couple of hundred other pictures whilst admiring where we were.

Fancy seeing a performance? Tickets start from $50 AUD per person dependent on the show and there are several shown daily.

Sydney Opera House 

Recommendations and tips

♦ Transport. Sydney has a dummy proof public transport system that will transport you to the heart of the city or to the foot of some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. You’ll need to buy an Opel Card from a local supermarket or train station.

This is used to ‘Tap On’ and ‘Tap Off’ all public transport (trains, busses, ferries) its quick, easy and spares your pockets from all that loose change. $20 AUD will do be enough for a 3 day gallivant around the city.

♦ That Iconic Picture. We found that Mrs Macquarie’s Point (see header picture) was for the best place to get that iconic picture of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Events. Get yourself into an I-site in central Sydney and ask about any upcoming events around town (or Google it). Whilst we were there we had the fortune of partaking in Australia Day celebrations, Chinese New Year opening, open cinemas, plays in the parks and much more.

Bondi Beach. Take a break from the city centre and go for a stroll along Sydney’s world famous Bondi Beach. Here you enjoy the golden sand, turquoise water, views of the pacific ocean, cafes, bars and much more.

If you have any other recommendations or tips, we would love to hear from you – Just drop us a comment below.





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