Welcome to one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Manly! This little gem was recommended to us by some good friends and we loved it so much that we want to recommend it to you guys too.

♦ A surfers paradise. We managed 9 days in Australia before we could no longer resist buying a surfboard and Manly’s was the surf town that cracked us. If your like us, a beginner, you’ll find a heap of waves that’ll get you on your feet. Alternatively, if you are a competent surfer there are loads of big surf competitions going on here, so we are sure you will figure out the spots to suit you guys too.


♦ The Beaches. We loved Manly’s main beach, its got the clearest water, the softest sand and some awesome surf, however, if you want somewhere a little quieter head over the hill to Freshwater. This place has some awesome facilities and it’s nowhere near as busy , the sea is just as clear an the waves are just a good.

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♦ Bars and Cafes. As with much of Australia’s costal town Manly has a bunch of bars and cafes. We were too busy making the most of the surf to properly wonder around them all but they looked really nice and lively. The high street is also full with shops and supermarkets if you need to stock up on anything for your travels.

♦ Sydney Harbour National Park. This is a small national park found South of Manly. This park is home to some fantastic views and crystal clear waters – All just a couple of kilometres walk away. If you fancy something a little more challenging you can go for the 10km Manly Scenic Walkway.

♦ Beach Pools. We think these are the coolest things ever! All of the beaches in Manly have swimming pools sitting on the edge of the beach. They run off sea water and are open to the public. So if the waves are a little rough – You can head over to the pool to cool down.


All in all we loved Manly – Its a beach spot like much of the East Coast but from The Great Ocean Road to Sydney its definitely our favourite place to be, we ended up spending 5 days here….Ooops!




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