Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is particularly well known for being Australia’s Body Boarding capital. We tried our hand at body boarding with a half broken $8 AUD one we picked up – It’s safe to say we didn’t quite keep up with these guys and the huge waves!

Along with body boarders and travellers, Port Macquarie also attracts Australian holidaymakers – Therefore this place can get busy.

Sunset in Port Macquarie

We spent two days in Port Macquarie mainly to kick back for a couple of days. Here’s what we enjoyed the most.

♦ The Surf. We surfed for hours and hours while in Port Macquarie. It has been our favourite spot for surfing so far (maybe with the exception of Manly.) You will notice that body boarders and surfers separate themselves at different ends of the beach – They are great just to watch if you don’t fancy getting in.


♦ The Painted Rocks. Towards the Northern end of the main beach we stumbled upon the artistic graffiti rocks. It’s the first of its kind that we’ve seen – They are giant boulders that line the beach walkway and are all painted in different colours with messages, quotes etc. We enjoyed walking up and down the walkway admiring them all.


Here are a couple of other bits you may also like to check out.

♦ Billabong Koala & Wildlife Park. If you are looking for an up close encounter with Australia’s wildlife why not check out this place. They offer Koala petting, Reptile encounters and Monkey Feeding.

♦ Tacking Point Lighthouse. For a 360° view and a great photo opportunity head up to the Lighthouse. If you are lucky you may even spot some Dolphins!

In addition to the above, Port Macquarie offers an awesome little skate park by the beach, a bunch of shops and free parking. All in all it is an enjoyable little place to stop when travelling up the coast.






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