Nambucca Heads

Nambucca Heads is (in our opinion) Australia best kept secret!

It was by sheer luck that we stumbled upon and discovered this hidden gem. We were only planning on spending a short time here to check out a viewpoint, however when we got there we discovered Nambucca’s raw beauty.

So what was meant to be a five-minute stop turned into a two night, three day stay – We just loved the place! So here are a few of our highlights that we hope you enjoy too.

The Views. For some absolutely stunning views of Nambucca be sure to check out Captain Cook lookout – It’s simply beautiful!

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The wildlife. Within 5 minutes of being here we saw about 15 dolphins playing in the waves, we watched them for hours. In the evening Josh went for a swim and they popped up again to check him out.


We also spotted huge Lizards, stingrays and Manta Rays during our stay. The locals also mentioned that during certain seasons you could also spot turtles and whales from the V-wall.


The V-wall. The V-wall is a wall made up of artistic graffiti gallery of rocks around the coastline and is the perfect place to go for a stroll and spot the wildlife. We loved this walk, looking at the different rocks and did it numerous times. We particularly liked walking along the wall towards Shelly Beach, as this is where the Dolphins seemed to play in the waves.

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The Locals. One of the main reasons we stayed was because of Nambucca’s extremely welcoming residents. On our first night we sat with 3 fisherman on the V-wall, sharing stories and learning about bush and aboriginal life which they were bought up into. The next day we were invited to an aboriginal elders house for peaches and ice cream (He definitely felt sorry for us in the van living off rice and beans!!). All the locals we met were super friendly. If you get the chance, take a seat on the V-wall for an hour or so and see how many people stop to say hello for yourselves.

In addition to the above Nambucca has a lovely little high street with everything you need for an enjoyable stay.



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