Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is the largest town between Sydney and Brisbane, with a population of 70,000.

Its a great spot to resupply as its easy to get around and as always with the East Coast the beaches are close by and plentiful.

We stayed here for 2 days to experience its beaches, surf, the 800m jetty and our highlight – Its sea life.


♦ Beaches. Our favourite was the Jetty beach. Rock walls at the southern edge of the beach meant that this is one of the only beaches we’ve found along the coast that isn’t hammered by waves. It was nice to enjoy a relaxing dip in the sea rather than our usual battle with the waves. It was a change of pace which we welcomed. The sea here was warm but not as clear as other less popular beaches.

16700007_10158268280075118_1745749351_n♦ Surf. Again, as its the East Coast of course there was a surfing beach. We visited the most popular one, Gallows Beach and sampled it for ourselves – We loved it! If you get a chance to stick around for a sunrise or sunset at Gallows Beach they are just amazing (see header picture).

♦ The 800m Jetty. Coffs Harbour boosts a fantastic 800 meter jetty. On the outset it doesn’t seem like anything more than a long Jetty, however, after spending an hour there we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did.

If you fancy throwing yourself off the edge into the water 10 meters below you can do so here. Alternatively, you can watch the locals double backflip off the side.

In addition to this, the jetty attracts much sea life, we swam within 20 meters of both a dolphin and a turtle! Turtles would hang around the stilts of the jetty in order to get their food for the day. If you stick around long enough you may see them surfacing and diving for food below.


TOP TIP –  Once the sun goes down in the Jetty car park, a few of the local males take a stroll into the bushes here. We decided not to check out why…

♦ Sea life. As mentioned above there’s lots of wild dolphins and Turtles that like to swim around the Jetty. In addition to this, if you visit Gallows beach, you’ll likely be greeted by huge schools of fish.

A TOP TIP from the locals – If your swimming, don’t got near the schools of fish thats the sharks territory.

Gallows Beach

Dolphin Marine Magic. A Coffs Harbour favourite is the marine animal rescue centre, Dolphin Marine Magic. They have offer up close interactions with dolphins, seals, turtles and little penguins.

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A visit here will cost $36 AUD per person and includes dolphin and seal kisses, shows and animal feeding. We spoke to many different trainers about the animals welfare and we’re happy to recommend this place.

They have a hospital out the back and other than the animals bread in captivity they endeavour to rescue, rehabilitate and release as much marine life as possible. We spent an amazing half day here – It was well worth the money.

Coffs Harbour offers it all – Shopping, dining, beaches and wildlife an because of this it get a big thumbs up from us.


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