Lennox Head

Lennox Head is a sleepy little town 10kms North of Ballina, situated on the East Coast of Australia. Not many people know about Lennox Head and even less know about its magical lake.

Lake Ainsworth. The lake is at the northern end of town alongside a dead end road. On first sight the dirty looking, black and brown lake doesn’t look at all appealing, however, there is a reason for its colour!

Surrounding the lake on every side are Tea Trees. The trees drip their soothing tea tree oil into the lake and over time the concentration has become high enough for it to have a noticeable impact on your skin and hair after entering.

We were advised not to shower when you get out and to drip dry to allow your skin and hair to absorb all the goodness and nourishment that lake has to offer. Once you are dry it feels amazing – You’ll have the softest of hair and the smoothest of skin.

The lake is deemed a sacred place for women as it was historically an Aboriginal women’s birthing place.

Lennox Head Beach. From the Lake you can head over the road towards Lennox Head Beach. Lennox head was declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2007 – Its worth going to take a look at its huge waves!


Pat Morton Lookout. This lookout offers some spectacular views over Ballina and Lennox Head, just a short stroll and a few steps to the lookout – It’s a great place to spend the end of the day.


We topped off our day here with a second evening dip in the lake to top up on tea tree oil before sadly saying goodbye to the wonderful Lennox Heads.


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