The sleepy little town with a big secret!

There is a lot of hype about Nimbin and after being there we can understand why!

♦ Nimbins background. Back in the 70’s when the hippy movement was in full swing a group decided to throw a festival in the countryside choosing the town of Nimbin to do so. The festival ran for 3 years, on the third the festival, the goers decided not to leave. They purchased the valley, created a home and built a community – They transformed this rural town into a hippies paradise!

Nowadays, Nimbin attracts people from all over the world who visit in order to discover the sleepy little towns big secret!

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♦ First Impressions. It’s a small town consisting of around 50 shops all of which are on one high street. Images of the marijuana leaf are plastered everywhere alongside the words ‘Hemp’ and ‘Herbs.’ The locals efforts are in promoting pot – Not hiding it. Most shops are filled with grinders, bongs and tie-dyed clothes with the fronts being painted in a rainbow colours. You become half hippy by merely entering Nimbin.


♦ The Nimbin Candle Factory. It’s an amazing shop with some outrageous candles which have been used in many films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Gatsby.  Wax literally covers the floor, it smells amazing and you can watch the artist create his masterpieces.

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♦ The Shopping. Walking in and around Nimbin’s shops is a surreal experience in itself. They are very similar in theme to each other, mostly selling clothes, organic soaps, herbs and marijuana paraphernalia. Overall, the shops are great, you’ll meet some interesting people and see some interesting merchandise.


♦ The locals. The locals made Nimbin into what you see today. In general they are all good people striving for world peace. You’ll find many of the originals from the 70’s still here whether it be behind the counter in their store, on the street smoking pot or walking around trying to sell you some of the signature range Nimbin cookies…

♦ The Drugs. This is the real driving force behind the town – Marijuana. Its readily available, so much so that they have a shop that sells it, the ’Hemp Bar.’ On the other hand, if you’d prefer to consume one of Nimbin’s famous pot cookies head over to any one of the elderly ladies who will likely be able to sell you one made from the original 70’s recipe. We’re sure that Nimbin is home to many more drugs, however, we decided not to investigate.


Nimbin is certainly an interesting day out, visit with an open mind. We stayed for half a day, returning to Byron Bay in the afternoon, an overnighter isn’t necessary unless there’s a festival on.


♦ If you want the authentic experience plan your trip in advance around a Bush theatre show or a festival. Ensure you pack a guitar and tie dye clothing.

♦ If you visit on 40 degree day as we did be sure to take your swimming gear, the free outdoor swimming pool is a 5 minute walk from the high street.

♦ Keeps your wit’s about you, cops still patrol and drugs are still illegal. Bare this in mind otherwise you, like many others may never leave Nimbin…


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