Top 10 Things To See At Australia Zoo


Australia Zoo is one of Australia’s biggest, most world renowned attractions. There is a huge amount to squeeze into one day so we’ve decided give you the Top 10 must do’s at the Australia Zoo.

  1. The Crocoseum


Prepare for your jaws to drop at the sight of a giant 16ft Salt Water Crocodile. The daily show at the Crocoseum, ‘Wildlife Warriors’ is phenomenal. Birds fly over head, Snakes are walked through the crowd and of course the star of the show ‘Agro’ the resident monster Saltwater Croc. This show will have you tittering on the edge of your seat the entire time!

  1. Roo Haven


Fit for everyone and anyone – Grab yourself a $2 AUD bag of roo food from the tourist information centre and head through to the wonderland that is Roo Haven. The Grey Kangaroos are first up – A small pile of roo food is all it’ll take to have Australia’s iconic national animal eating right out the palm of your hand. Don’t forget to save some for the Red Kangaroos though, they are in the next enclosure along.

  1. The Tiger Temple


These beautiful, majestic Sumatrans and Bengal Tigers are magnificent. The glass fronted enclosure is excellent for viewing such amazing creatures. Be sure to check out what time the Tiger show is in order not to miss it, it’ll give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these killer cats feeding and swimming.

  1. Cuddle the cuddly Koalas


THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE!! These little sleepy balls of fur really just want a big old hug. You could take the opportunity to hug at Koala for $24.95, alternatively, you can pat a Koala after the show at 1:30pm or when passing through the Koala sanctuary enclosure. Our suggestion – Do it all!

  1. Afternoon Crocs


Of course there are more Crocodile shows, this is the Australia Zoo! The second show at the smaller stand outside the Crocoseum certainly rivals the first. It gives you the opportunity to get closer to the massive saltwater crocs, so close that you can hear their massive jaws crush the head of a pig. You’ll enjoy watching the keepers informative presentation whilst they power walk around the enclosure, avoiding the crocs every attempt to ambush and eat them.

  1. Birds Of Prey


The live 3:00pm show is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with some incredible aerial predators. You’ll be able to witness some of Australia’s largest raptors, one of which is so large that they can prey on small Kangaroos!

*Note: Ensure you keep small children close by as they may be deemed food by such creatures. **Note: Don’t worry, that’s a joke.

  1. Roaming Wildlife


As you wonder around, be very prepared to find yourself walking alongside any one of the zoos residents. This ranges from Snakes, Lizards, baby Alligators, Koalas and Wombats! The Australia Zoo takes the saying, “You never know what’s around the next corner”, very literary. Be prepared.

  1. Africa


Explore the zoos very own African savannah, a wide open area where the Rhinos, Giraffe and Zebra wonder freely. The African music played in the background adds to the ambiance and transports you to the vast pains of Africa. It was fantastic to see these animals walking alongside one another.

  1. Bindi’s Island


Situated a short walk from ‘Africa’ is Bindi’s Island, this is called home by giant Aldabran Tortoises, beautiful Macaws, Boa Constrictors, Lemurs and an Aligator Snapping Turtle. In addition to it’s awesome array of animals you’ll find Bindi’s treehouse, a giant three story structure which looks over the animal kingdom that is the Australia Zoo.

  1. Otters


Learn about Otters during the morning or afternoon feeding session at the Otter enclosure. These little guys and girls like to put on a show when it comes to dinner time. Marvel at the little clawed swimmers become hyper active for dinner.

Other awesome parts of the Australia Zoo

♦ Steve Irwin. The Zoo is a living legacy to the man that created it. It’s amazing to marvel at all of his work dotted around the zoo. Discover everything about him and his story right by the information centre located in the Crocoseum.

♦ Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. For a small donation of $2 AUD visit the wildlife hospital where you can witness talented people caring for some animals in need.

♦ Animal encounters. If you really fancy getting up close and personal with some of the zoos residents, including walking alongside a Tiger, you can do so here.  Ask at the entrance or book online for one of the many encounters.

♦ Visit the Australia Zoo Shop. A great place to pick up an old Crocodile Hunter DVD or one of the zoo keepers fancy shirts is the gift shop.


♦ As you come into the Africa area, keep your eyes peeled on the tree groves on the left-hand side of the road. You may see a Cheetah going for a walk or relaxing in the trees.

♦ Double check all show timings to ensure you don’t miss out on any. Have a look below where we have listed the days show times.

♦ Take a water bottle and food. It’s not cheap to eat at the zoo so make a picnic the night before. You’ll be able to find ample water fountains around the zoo in order to stay hydrated.

♦ The Zoo has free WiFi, turn of your mobile data and hook up to theirs.

♦ If you have a big backpack there are lockers available at the entrance. Daily costs range from $8.00 AUD for a small one and $12.00 AUD for a large one.

Cost : Adults: $59 AUD, Children: $35 AUD, Student/Pension: $47 AUD

What to take: Sunscreen, rain jacket, water, snacks and food, camera, watch, cash(ATM available).

What not to take: Domestic animals, alcohol, animal food.

Australia Zoo Showtimes

10:00. Tortoises LIVE.

10:00. Kids Story Time.

10:30. Morning Otters LIVE.

12:00. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

13:30. Koalas LIVE.

14.00. Tigers LIVE.

14:30. Afternoon Crocs LIVE.

15:00. Birds of Prey LIVE.

15:30. Afternoon Otters LIVE



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