Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise is a lively seaside town situated on Queensland’s Gold Coast (Eastern Australia). Its well known for its beautiful coastline, street markets, shops, cafes, restaurants and nightlife.

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When we arrived, we were surprised to find that the area was so accessible being located on the Gold Coast. We could walk around Surfers within a couple of hours – Heres what we liked the most.

♦ Surfing. The waves just seem to be non-stop and the surfers are amazing to watch!  If you can – Take yourself and a board to the main beach where you will be greeted with miles and miles of coastline either side – Its awesome! We had a fantastic day in the surf. If you haven’t got a board head to the closest backpackers where you’ll be able to hire one for around $15 AUD per day!

The Beach. As well as its soft white sand the beach also has lifeguards on standby, free BBQs and amenities close by to make your stay just that little bit more enjoyable.


Surfers Paradise Archway. The iconic Surfers Paradise archway is unmissable from the beach and is a perfect photo opportunity! Be sure to get someone to take the photo from the other side of the road to get the perfect snap (see header photo).

♦ Shopping. The shops as you can imagine are mostly tailored towards the skating/surfing community. We enjoyed having a wonder around here. It’s small, compact and isn’t too busy.

♦ Nightlife. The Gold Coast is well known for it’s night life, with many vibrant pubs, clubs and bars we are sure you will find something to suit your taste. Be sure to check out local events for the days you are staying to ensure that you don’t miss out.

We decided to spend only one day in the Gold Coast and found that this was enough to explore and surf. You may need more days if the city has some events on. We happened to visit during the sand sculpting season.



♦ For some extra day time entertainment head over to Ripleys Believe it or not. It’ll blow your mind.

♦ If your driving you can still avoid those pesky parking charges, park at or around Enderley Avenue for free beach side parking.



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