About Us

Hello, Kia Ora and G’day!

Thank you so much for visiting Mr & Mrs Travel Diaries. This section is about us, Joshua and Sophie.

We come from the UK and were born to a not so little city called Milton Keynes, otherwise known as ‘The land of the concrete cows.

However after an amazing journey we are currently based in the (more exotic sounding) ‘land of the long white cloud’ – the beautiful New Zealand.

Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2014 our worlds collided over a family and friends Christmas dinner party and since then we’ve been travelling across the world to be with each other.

At the time Josh lived in New Zealand and was a Platoon Commander for the NZ Army. On leave over Christmas he returned to England where we first met. We think its fair to say, it turned our worlds upside down. We had a long distance relationship for a year and as you can imagine there were lots of challenges to face being 18,695kms apart. After a few long haul flights and a LOT of face-timing, Sophie packed in her 9-5 office job and never looked back.

From then we’ve flown, driven, biked and hiked the best bits of of New Zealand, all of which we cannot wait to share with you.

Our travels have made us realise that life is what you make of it, it is ours to create. That those who are brave enough break societies expectations as to how you should ‘live your life’ have found a real freedom and these are the people who are truly living.

In fact, these people have inspired us to live our dreams, and thats why we have quit our jobs, sold everything and have moved into a backpack in order to explore the world.

From here on out we are going to walk, talk, swim, dive and jump into and onto every opportunity that presents itself. Along the way we want to share with you in a personal our preparations, what we did and how we did it from a his and hers prospective in the hope that we can inspire others to do the same.

With that in mind, here we are, him and her, Mr and Mrs.

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