So what is Mr & Mrs Travel Diaries?

Mr & Mrs Travel Diaries is a personal style story told by two budget travellers who want to see as much of the world as possible. When we started out over a year ago we had no idea where to begin and we often have people asking, “how do you do it?” So we would like to share with you just how we do it, what we have learnt, travel tips and secrets. We want to encourage families, couples, friends and solo travellers to take a break from 9-5 life and see what the world has to offer.

Who are Mr & Mrs?

We are Sophie and Joshua, a couple that love nothing more than to get out exploring. We enjoy it so much that we thought it would be a fantastic idea to record all of our experiences, adventures, highs and lows for the entire world to see, read and learn from. For more information on our background please feel free to visit the About Us page.

So what is our aim?

Where to start. We have many aims. The first and for most is to record our adventures. We know that we’ll want to look back in 30 years time to see what we have done with our lives. When we do, we can look back on this and have some wonderful memories.new

Secondly, we want to lend our advice. It’s difficult to travel and at the beginning it can be very overwhelming. You’ve been saving for so long and now and all of a sudden your booking flights and spending hundreds. We’re going out there doing it and letting you know whether its worth your time and money – Let us make the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

We’ll also be bringing you a his and hers prospective. As we know men and women are very different and as a result will have different feelings about the same experience. Ranging from What to Pack and Keeping Fit to how we both enjoyed skydiving in New Zealand and white water rafting in Wales.

With the above in mind we’ll be reviewing countries, places and activities. Letting you know whether going to the Full Moon Party via a boat taxi is a good idea or not. Should you get that helicopter that takes you onto a Glacier? What life on the roads like in Australia? Along with these wild adventures we’ll be reviewing the camp sites we stay at, the walks and treks we do and all that’s in between.

Equipment can make or break your trip. Equipment is also very expensive and that means the more you spend on it the less you can travel. That is not what we want. We’ll help you cut corners and teach you how to get good gear for less….Do you really need that shiny new backpack? Maybe, but maybe not. We’re testing what works and what doesn’t, so that you don’t have too.